Policy Number

NSHA DT-DI-035 IWK-685

Nova Scotia Breast Screening of Average Risk Individuals - Clinical Practice Guidelines - NSHA DT-DI-035 IWK-685


The purpose of the Nova Scotia Breast Screening Clinical Practice Guidelines is to provide standardized breast screening/breast imaging guidance to primary care providers, radiologists and Nova Scotians. These guidelines describe the approach to breast cancer screening for Nova Scotia individuals at average risk of breast cancer. They are advised to speak to their health care provider to see if screening is right for them.

The target patient population for this policy extends beyond women, and includes Transgender, Gender Diverse and Non-binary people to recognize the gender diversity of those that may benefit from breast screening (See Appendix A for definitions). This policy also recognizes the evolving nature of gender identity terminology and has adopted some terms that are more encompassing to be reflective of that. 

Note: Nova Scotians and Individuals refer to women, Transgender, Gender Diverse and Non-binary people.