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Where relying upon any copy of a Nova Scotia District Health Authority or IWK Health Centre policy, users are requested to consult the online policy manual to ensure access to and use of the most current and accurate policy. Nova Scotia District Health Authorities and the IWK Health Centre cannot guarantee the currency or accuracy of any printed policy.

External Users

Policies found on this webpage have been developed for use within specific Nova Scotia District Health Authorities and/or the IWK Health Centre.

Use of any of the information found in these policies should be carefully assessed prior to implementation within your organization as it may not be suitable for your environment.

Nova Scotia‚Äôs District Health Authorities and the IWK Health Centre are happy to share these documents for informational/educational purposes, but do not accept any responsibility for their use by any outside agency.

Where used, appropriate referencing is expected and appreciated.

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Please refer to the
Reproductive Care Program of Nova Scotia (RCP) website for practice resources and guidelines that relate to care of the perinatal and newborn population.