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2019-10-16 - NSHA CD-PHC-001 Immunization Administration by Nurses in Primary Health Care
2019-10-16 - NSHA CD-PHC-040 Initial Management of Anaphylaxis Following Immunization by Nurses in Primary Health Care
2019-10-01 - NSHA P-AD-010 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Representatives and Sponsored Educational Events
2019-09-24 - NSHA CL-HOS-001 Hospice Eligibility
2019-09-24 - NSHA CL-HOS-002 Hospice Assessment Requests
2019-09-16 - NPR-J-PP-0003 Specimen Packaging Instructions for Non-Laboratory Staff
2019-09-16 - NSHA CAN-RT-040 Patient Assessment and Teaching for Vaginal Dilation Post Pelvic Radiation
2019-09-16 - NSHA CAN-RT-045 Radiation Therapy Treatment Approvals
2019-09-16 - NSHA CAN-RT-050 Medical Physicist Radiation Therapy Plan Check
2019-09-16 - NSHA MM-MS-015 Redundant Antimicrobial Therapy
2019-09-16 - NSHA NFS-GA-001 Bulk Pantry Supplies
2019-09-11 - NSHA MDR-GA-010 Manufacturer’s Instructions for Use (MIFU) for Reprocessed Items and Equipment
2019-09-10 - NSHA MM-SR-045 Order Sets (formerly Preprinted Orders)
2019-08-26 - NSHA CAN-RT-001 Management of Radiation Oncology Patients with Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices (CIEDs)
2019-08-26 - NSHA CAN-RT-010 Recording of Source to Skin Distances and Chart Checks During Treatment
2019-08-26 - NSHA CAN-RT-015 Radiation Therapy Treatment Tattoos
2019-08-15 - MDR SOP: Handling and Pre-Cleaning Contaminated Medical Devices/Instruments at Point of Use for Operating Rooms
2019-08-15 - MDR SOP: Handling and Pre-Cleaning of Medical Devices/Instruments at Point of Use for Patient Care Areas and Clinics
2019-08-15 - NSHA MDR-DC-015 Handling and Pre-Cleaning Contaminated Medical Devices at the Point of Use
2019-08-07 - NSHA CL-AP-010 Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)
2019-08-06 - NSHA MDR-DC-005 Reprocessing of Endocavity Ultrasound Probes
2019-08-01 - NSHA MDR-GA-001 Dress Code and Personal Protective Equipment
2019-07-24 - Surrogacy Arrangements Practice Support Document
2019-07-23 - NSHA CL-EC-065 Treat and Release Naloxone Protocol