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2020-03-02 - NSHA AD-HR-040 Divulgateur
2020-03-02 - NSHA AD-HR-040 Whistleblower
2020-02-24 - NSHA CD-PHC-030 Ear Irrigation by Nurses in Primary Health Care
2020-02-14 - NSHA AD-FIN-005 Travel
2020-02-14 - NSHA AD-FIN-005.01 Travel
2020-02-13 - NSHA CL-EC-070 Managing Potential for Violence and Aggression in the Emergency Department
2020-02-10 - NSHA CL-PT-010 Smart Pump Infusion Therapy – Use of Infusion Pump with Dose Error Reduction System (DERS)
2020-02-10 - NSHA CL-PT-010.01 Smart Pump Infusion Therapy – Use of Infusion Pump with Dose Error Reduction System (DERS)
2020-02-03 - NSHA AD-FIN-140 Restricted Accounts
2020-02-03 - NSHA AD-FIN-140.01 Restricted Accounts
2020-01-30 - NSHA CD-PHC-050 Insulin Dose Adjustment by Diabetes Educators
2020-01-27 - NSHA IPC-RP-030 Precautions for Patients with Cystic Fibrosis (CF)
2020-01-20 - NSHA DT-PL-001 Tissue & Miscellaneous Material Exempt from Submission to the Anatomical Pathology Laboratory
2020-01-20 - NSHA ENV-CD-001.01 Patient Room Cleaning — Routine
2020-01-20 - NSHA ENV-CD-001.02 Patient Room Cleaning — Discharge/Transfer
2020-01-20 - NSHA ENV-CD-001.03 Patient Room Cleaning — Additional Precautions
2020-01-20 - NSHA ENV-CD-001.04 Floor Cleaning
2020-01-20 - NSHA ENV-CD-001.05 Bathroom Cleaning
2020-01-16 - NSHA MDR-DC-001 Environmental Cleaning Frequencies in the Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD)
2020-01-16 - NSHA MDR-DC-001.01/ENV-CD-001.06 Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD) Cleaning/Disinfecting
2020-01-13 - NSHA CL-EC-050 Care of the Patient who has Experienced Sexual Assault
2020-01-03 - NSHA AD-FIN-080 Accounts Receivable, Credit Management, and Bad Debt
2020-01-03 - NSHA AD-FIN-080.01 Accounts Receivable, Credit Management, and Bad Debt
2019-12-19 - NSHA MA-CY-001 IWK 1500 Admission of Mental Health & Addiction Patients under 19 Years within Nova Scotia
2019-12-16 - NSHA AD-QR-030, IWK- 339 Mandatory Reporting of Serious Adverse Drug Reactions and Medical Device Incidents (Vanessa's Law)
2019-12-11 - NSHA CD-PT-005 Flushing Peripheral, Medline Intravenous and Central Venous Access Devices
2019-12-11 - NSHA CL-PT-001 Central Venous Access Devices: Care and Maintenance (Umbrella Policy)
2019-12-11 - NSHA CL-PT-002 Central Venous Access Devices: Needle-Free Connector Changes
2019-12-11 - NSHA CL-PT-003 Central Venous Access Devices: Blood Specimen Collection
2019-12-11 - NSHA CL-PT-004 Central Venous Access Devices: Infusion Therapy
2019-12-11 - NSHA CL-PT-005 Central Venous Access Devices: Dressing Changes And Securement
2019-12-11 - NSHA CL-PT-006 Central Venous Access Devices: Removal of PICC & Non-Tunneled CVAD
2019-12-11 - NSHA CL-PT-015 Management of Occluded Central Venous Access Devices (CVADs)
2019-12-09 - NSHA SS-SR-001 Marking of the Surgical Site
2019-11-28 - NSHA CAN-GA-001 Development and Revision of Order Sets for Cancer Systemic Therapy
2019-11-27 - NSHA CAN-ST-005 Biosimilars in Oncology
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Automatic and Manual Cleaning and Disinfection of Stainless Steal Case Carts
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Changing Printer Paper for MDR Equipment
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Clean Delivery Cart
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Cleaning Performance Testing for Ultrasonics
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Environmental Cleaning Performed by MDR Staff
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Inspecting for Cleanliness
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Loading Baskets for Washer Disinfectors
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Loading Items on Sterilizer Carts for Steam Sterilization
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Loading Ultrasonic
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Manual Cleaning
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Nine Count
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Proper Loading of the Minimally Invasive Surgical (MIS) Manifold
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Replacing Detergents for Caviwave Ultrasonic and UltraClean Systems
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Steam Sterilization and Biological Indication (BI) Records
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Stringing Hinged Instruments
2019-11-25 - MDR SOP Testing for Functionality
2019-11-20 - NSHA CAN-RT-030 Internal Eye-Shield for Radiation Therapy