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2021-01-04 - NSHA DT-POC-035 Nursing Students Using Glucose Meters
2020-11-09 - NSHA CD-MC-010 Neonatal Glucose Monitoring and Management
2020-11-02 - NSHA AD-HIM-020 Physician Incomplete Records Notification Process
2020-11-02 - NSHA CAN-PSY-001 Tobacco Cessation in Cancer Care
2020-10-26 - NSHA MC-LD-040 Nitrous Oxide Administration in Labour and Delivery
2020-10-26 - NSHA MC-NB-010 Pediatric Nasogastric Tube (NGT)/Orogastric Tube (OGT) Care & Management
2020-10-08 - NSHA CL-EC-060 Emergency Department Closures
2020-10-05 - NSHA CD-SS-001 Removal of Urinary Catheters for Surgical Patients
2020-09-23 - Healthy Babies, Health Families: Postpartum & Postnatal Guidelines
2020-09-21 - NSHA CAN-ST 002.04 Administration of IV Intermittent and Continuous Systemic Therapy for Cancer Drugs via Infusion Pump with Dose Error Reduction System
2020-09-21 - NSHA CAN-ST-002.03 Administration of IV Continuous Vesicant Systemic Therapy for Cancer Drugs via Infusion Pump with Dose Error Reduction System
2020-09-16 - NSHA CL-BP-010 Irradiated Blood Component Administration
2020-09-15 - Nova Scotia Guideline for Blood Component Utilization in Adults and Pediatrics Version 2.0
2020-09-15 - NSHA CD-EC-060 Cardiac Monitoring Care Directive
2020-09-15 - NSHA CL-BP-001 Blood Component Utilization in Adults and Children
2020-09-15 - NSHA CL-CC-035 Cardiac Monitoring: Cardiac Rhythm Assessment and Telemetry Monitoring
2020-09-14 - NSHA CL-SW-035 Conservative Sharp Wound Debridement
2020-09-14 - NSHA-AD-OHS-005 Sharps Safety
2020-09-07 - NSHA MC-SR-001 Infant Car Seat Education
2020-09-03 - NSHA AD-PR-005 Patient/Family Feedback (Concern, Complaint or Compliment)
2020-09-03 - NSHA AD-PR-005.01 Patient/Family Feedback (Concern, Complaint or Compliment)
2020-09-01 - NSHA MA-CY-001 IWK 1500 Admission of Mental Health & Addiction Patients under 19 Years within Nova Scotia
2020-08-17 - NSHA CD-CL-001, IWK CL-790 Symptomatic Testing for COVID-19
2020-08-17 - NSHA CD-CL-002, IWK CL-795 Asymptomatic Testing for COVID-19 by Swab Collection
2020-08-14 - Nasopharyngeal Swab Collection by Unregulated Care Providers
2020-07-24 - NSHA MC-GA-010 Supplemental Feedings for Breastfeeding Babies