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(Interim) Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for Hepatitis A - Care Directive - NSHA CD-PH-025


This care directive (CD) provides Public Health Nurses (PHNs) at Nova Scotia Health with the authority and conditions under which they may authorize release of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) including Immunoglobulin (IG) in order to treat persons who have consumed frozen mango products within a specific eligibility timeframe and who may be at risk of Hepatitis A exposure, as determined and directed by Nova Scotia Health, Public Health.

This care directive facilitates consistent decision-making for NS Health, Public Health Nurses (PHNs) in determining eligibility for Hepatitis A vaccination and immunoglobulin release.

NS Health PHNs are provided with the authority and conditions for administering immunizations as per:

Note: This care directive is in response to a recent recall of Frozen Mango products by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

This care directive will supersede some recommendations in the Canadian Immunization Guide (CIG) and other resources commonly used in an effort to provide consistency and allow independent decision making for the Public Health Nurse (PHN).

The Medical Officer of Health (MOH) does not need to provide authorization for Immunoglobulin (IG) or vaccine release.

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