Policy Number

NSHA CD-CL-001, IWK CL-790

NSHA CD-CL-001, IWK CL-790 Symptomatic Testing for COVID-19


Each clinical setting is responsible to determine the applicability and implementation of this CD. This CD is for the following clinical settings:

* Primary Assessment Centres/ Testing Centres with or without Mobile Drive-through option

* Extended Primary Assessment Centres

* In-home setting (e.g., VON, Continuing Care)

* First Nations community settings as identified by First Nations Leadership

* Mental Health and Addictions Inpatient units Nova Scotia Health (Exception: ECFH and OHS)

* Designated Emergency Departments Nova Scotia Health

* IWK Mental Health and Addictions -  Adolescent Intensive Service Inpatient  

Check DAILY to ensure you have the most up to date documents.

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