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2018-09-14 - NSHA MC-GA-005 Expressed Breast Milk: Safe Handling, Storage, Administration and Disposal
2018-08-06 - NSHA CL-ONR-011 Radiation Therapy Treatment Prescription
2018-08-06 - NSHA CL-ONR-020 Access to Radiation Therapy Treatment Areas
2018-07-12 - NSHA CL-ONR-010 Radiation Therapy Abbreviations
2018-07-12 - NSHA CL-ONR-015 Radiation Therapy Treatment Handover
2018-07-10 - NSHA BEL-CC-015 Care of the Patient with a Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)
2018-07-01 - NSHA BEL-EC-001 Insertion and Care of King Laryngeal Tube (LT) Advanced Airway
2018-06-28 - NSHA CL-ONR-030 Availability of Medical Physicists During Radiation Treatment
2018-06-27 - NSHA CL-ONR-025 Availability of Radiation Oncologists During Radiation Treatment
2018-06-22 - NSHA PH-PAN-001 Panorama Ordering and Receiving Products
2018-06-22 - NSHA PH-PAN-002 Panorama Ordering Immune Globulins
2018-06-22 - NSHA PH-PAN-003 Panorama Zone Distribution to Service Provider
2018-06-22 - NSHA PH-PAN-004 Panorama Requisitioning and Shipping Products Between Holding Points
2018-06-22 - NSHA PH-PAN-005 Panorama Vaccine Returns from Service Provider to the Bio Depot
2018-06-22 - NSHA PH-PAN-006 Panorama Provincial Bio Depot Vaccine Returns to Supplier
2018-06-22 - NSHA PH-PAN-007 Panorama Monthly & Weekly Vaccine Inventory
2018-06-22 - NSHA PH-PAN-008 Panorama Ordering Diphtheria Antitoxin
2018-06-22 - NSHA PH-PAN-009 Panorama Product Recalls
2018-06-22 - NSHA PH-PAN-010 Panorama Downtime and Recovery
2018-06-22 - NSHA PH-PAN-011 Panorama Vaccine Parking Protocol
2018-06-22 - NSHA PH-PAN-012 Panorama Cold Chain Investigation
2018-06-22 - NSHA PH-PAN-013 Panorama Year End Inventory
2018-06-12 - NSHA MA-HPP-001 Provision of Opioid Overdose Prevention/Naloxone Administration Training and Take Home Naloxone Hydrochloride (Naloxone) Kit
2018-06-01 - NSHA MM-SR-020 Transcribing Medication Orders
2018-05-31 - NSHA DT-POC-005 Point of Care Testing Abaxis Piccolo Procedure
2018-05-31 - NSHA DT-POC-025 Point of Care Testing Cobas h 232 Procedure
2018-05-18 - NSHA CL-ON-001 Toxicity Assessment by Telephone for Patients Receiving Chemotherapy for Cancer
2018-05-16 - NSHA BEL-ND-020 Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT)
2018-05-07 - NSHA AD-IT-020 Virtual Care
2018-05-01 - NSHA P-SR-001 Scrub and Garb Procedure for Compounding Non-Hazardous and Hazardous Preparations
2018-04-26 - NSHA Nova Scotia Cancer Care Program PPGP Development Process
2018-04-20 - NSHA CL-RS-005 Helium/Oxygen Therapy (Heliox), Delivery and Monitoring by Respiratory Therapist