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IWK - 1155 - Insertion and Maintenance of Peripheral Intravenous Devices and Initiation and Maintenance of Peripheral Intravenous Therapy


All peripheral intravenous’ (PIVs) will be inserted in such a manner as to minimize pain and stress to the patient/family, minimize trauma to the skin and maximize the functional integrity of the vessel. The insertion and maintenance of a PIV devices and initiation and maintenance of peripheral intravenous (PIV) therapy will be performed by nurses according to the following protocol. Insertion of PIVs is a Beyond Entry Level Competency (BELC) for nurses practicing at the IWK and requires initial certification, online tracking, and ongoing annual recertification. Certification and recertification includes successful completion of the theory and competency components of the PIV Self Directed Learning Package (SDLP) as well as demonstration of technical competence and proficiency in PIV insertion. Note: The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has developed a unit-specific policy and learning package to support the provision of this care to the neonatal patient population. Therefore nurses practicing in the NICU will be exempt from this policy.

Nurses at the IWK will monitor and assess the ongoing maintenance of all patients’ PIV therapy.

Nurses will perform ongoing assessments and appropriate interventions as per IWK policy protocols for patients receiving PIV infusion therapy including hydration status and adverse effects of PIV therapy. Safety-engineered devices will be utilized in the initiation of PIV therapy in compliance with the legislative requirements; Safer Needles in Healthcare Workplaces Act. Health Care providers will apply routine infection prevention and control practices as per health centre policy when initiating PIV therapy.

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