Policy Number

CC 85-079

CDHA CC 85-079 Venipuncture for Blood Specimen/Blood Culture Collection


 Venipuncture is a post-entry level competency for qualified health professionals. This policy applies to the collection of blood specimens by venipuncture for the purpose of medical diagnosis, ongoing monitoring and/or evaluation of patient responses to treatment, including blood culture specimen.

Please refer to CC 85-079 MEMO Drawing Blood from a Peripheral IV Line VHF Patients, if working with a patient with suspected viral hemorrhagic fever (including Ebola).

Learning Module

CC 85-079 LM Venipuncture for Blood Specimen Collection Learning Module


CC 85-079 MEMO Drawing Blood From A Peripheral IV Line VHF Patients

CC 85-079 MEMO Venipuncture for Blood Specimin Collection


CC 85-079 Venipuncture Order of Draw June 2013

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